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  1. It would be nice if there were some pics to go with these ideas. I have a huge willow that needs to be cut down, but as it is not dead, will have to be cut close to the ground so no suckers grow from it. Any suggestions?

    • Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve added some photos that show some really creative options. I think in your case, with the willow stump cut close to the ground your best option would be to use it as a stepping stone, or even if you just paint it, as in the photo above you’ve created a really beautiful accent that you can use as a centerpiece with a nice planting of low-growing plants or mosses around it. I hope these photos help to inspire you. I was inspired by them!

  2. Todd

    We just took down a big Willow that had fallen, and cut out 7 18″ tall stumps to be used as campfire stools. If there sit on earth, I think they’ll rot pretty quickly. What type of sealer should we use to protect the stump from natural decay, assuming they will remain outdoors in an evergreen woodsy area?

  3. JimL1

    I want to use a tree stump as the base for a Picnic table and benches. I saw one many years ago but cannot remember enough to reproduce it. Can anyone help?

  4. Polly jayjack

    Hi, I have a white oak tree in my shady backyard that I had the top cut off in order to bring in more sun. I was hoping it would continue to grow, but unfortunately, it’s dying or dead. It’s about 12ft tall and I don’t want to remove it because it holds up a hammock. I would like to paint it –like a toedom pole or something. I have no idea what kind of paint to use. Can you tell me what would work? I also have another oak that is dying from a fungus. The bark is starting to peal off. I would like to extend it’s life as much as possible. Should I paint the tree in the place where the bark has come off? It’s only one spot so far.
    THANK YOU!! Polly

  5. Tracy

    I am trying to figure out the best tool to use to cut many tree stumps into different types of things… stepping stones, coasters, chairs … all kinds of different things. Ok heres the question is a tool equally as powerful and sharp but just as capable of cutting a tree stump but more manageable.

    • Some people can do amazing things with a chain saw, and you can get small ones. Maybe a saber saw would work… but the blades may not be long enough for all things.

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