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  1. Lynda

    I had to leave my fig tree behind when I moved house 2 years ago but have just got the new garden into shape and can plant another. Trouble is, it’s an incredibly small plot and although I dearly wanted a fig again, having one that grew to 5 metres tall was not an option. Having found this site and read how easy it is to espallier a fig, I am now happily contemplating a new tree along the fenceline. Many thanks.

    By the way, I gad a small tree originally, only about 20 fruits on it and I used to tie the foot of a stocking or pantyhose over the small green figs when they appeared, to stop the birds getting to them before I did.

    Leave enough room for the figs to grow and tie loosely. I reckon with a larger tree which has more fruit, you can afford to share with the birds :)

    This tip might help other gardeners.

    • Thanks Lynda, that’s a fantastic tip! I guess it would also work for all kinds of other fruit, as long as they are large enough. I’m glad you found this article helpful too. I think it’s becoming increasingly important to grow as much of our own food as possible, and fruit and nut trees are so easy because they keep producing for years with very little intervention after the initial investment in time and effort to establish them.

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