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  1. Jay

    what happens to dried herbs if not stored correctly?

    • The Garden Site

      @Jay good question, thank you for asking! It depends on in what way they have been stored incorrectly. If they haven’t been kept in an airtight container they could simply have lost some of their crispness. As long as they haven’t gone moldy that’s not so much of a problem, you can just re-dry them in a dehydrator (on a low heat setting) or in a solar dehydrator until they go crisp again. But if they have been stored in direct sunlight, or stored for a very long time, they could have lost some or most of their therapeutic benefits and flavor. If stored at too high a temperature (including through being stored in direct sunlight), they will lose their beneficial properties. How much they lose depends on the temperature and duration of the heat.

  2. Jim

    Why hang them upside down? I have an herb garden growing now, when they bud do I just let them seed and let nature scatter the seeds or do I remove the buds?

    • Hi Jim, the herbs will usually die after they seed, so removing the buds will prolong their life. However if you have heirloom plants you’ll want to save the seeds at some point. If you don’t have heirloom plants the seeds will either not be viable or won’t grow true to the species because they have been altered genetically. You could just let nature do it’s thing, but you will find plants popping up in the path and probably end up with more of them than you can use. By collecting the seeds you have more control (not saying that letting nature just take it’s course is bad, it’s a matter of what works for you). Hanging them upside down is the easiest way to dry them, because you can hang them by the stem. You could also spread them out on paper and put them somewhere they won’t be disturbed much to dry. Just keep a close eye on them to make sure they don’t mold.

  3. Shahnawaz

    There are some herbs that are grown upside down, why is that done. Does the stem have flavor, is it okay to keep the stem. How long do seeds keep after being stored and what is the best way to store them

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